“Ended That Old Man’s Legacy”: Future FOX Analyst Tom Brady Gets Blatantly Roasted Live on FOX During Blownout Loss to Rookie Brock Purdy Led 49ers

Published 12/12/2022, 12:30 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Tom Brady went back home to the Bay Area to take on the San Francisco 49ers in a Week 14 clash. The whole nation was glued in for the greatest QB’s homecoming. But the game did not go as planned for Brady, as his Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost handsomely to the home team. In fact, the game was so lopsided that Brady got roasted live on TV.

The Niners’ defense and their rookie QB Brock Purdy starred in a 35-7 defeat for Brady and the Buccaneers.

Fans get mad at FOX 

The Niners’ clash with the Buccaneers got so one-sided that after a point, FOX Sports, the official broadcaster of the game, switched to the clash between the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks. So, the fans could not watch the game featuring future FOX analyst Tom Brady in some areas of the country.


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It is understandable that with the score at 35-0; the game was pretty much decided, and FOX wanted a more competitive game on the air. But the game featured Tom Brady, the king of comebacks in the NFL. And although it did not happen here, one can never be sure with Brady on the field. Naturally, the fans got mad at the network for switching in the middle of the game. This fan thinks Fox ended Brady’s legacy in the NFL.

Another fan finds the move really lame from FOX.

For this fan, there were more Niners fans watching than the teams in the other game combined.

This Niners fan from New England was pretty mad at the move.

Another fan had a whole lot of things to say to FOX.

This fan finds the switch incredibly frustrating.

That is the ultimate roast of Brady, who was playing at his native place after a long time.

A big Tom Brady loss 


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Tom Brady and the Buccaneers came into San Francisco on the back of a huge comeback win over the New Orleans Saints. And they were up against a third-string rookie quarterback in Brock Purdy. But Purdy led the Niners to a resounding victory over the Bucs, becoming the first QB to defeat Brady on his first NFL start.

Brady threw just one touchdown in the whole game, while Purdy threw two and rushed for another. And he outplayed the veteran in almost every aspect of the game. This will be a game to remember for the young QB, who the Niners picked last in the 2022 NFL draft.


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But should Fox have continued with the broadcast?

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