Bruised Tom Brady Reveals NFL Realities After Costly Loss Versus 49ers: “They Kicked Our…”

Published 12/12/2022, 12:00 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers were handed a crushing defeat. The Bucs lost against the San Francisco 49ers by a whopping 35-7 score. With an even more shocking twist of events, the Bucs only scored during the 3rd quarter. The Buccaneers stood no chance with the way they performed at Candlestick Park.

With a heavy heart, the quarterback spoke to the press about the loss in his childhood city. The quarterback addressed the polar opposite directions a football game can take. While addressing the press, Brady addressed the shortcomings of the team’s play.


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Dual nature of the game: Tom Brady

Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered a loss against the San Fransico 49ers. A rueful Brady attended the post-game press conference and spoke to the media about different mistakes the team made on the field. He also spoke about the skills of the 49ers quarterback and how he impressed Brady with his skills.

Furthermore, Brady also spoke about the dichotomy of the game of football. He spoke about the difference between home games and road games. Referencing the toughness of NFL games, Brady said, “With NFL you play a really tough game you play a tough team on the road they’re physical they’re tough they kicked our a*s. It’s the reality of this sport and every time you take the field you have the opportunity to get your a*s kicked or to kick a*s.” Additionally, the quarterback mentioned how they were on the wrong end of this game and that they will rally to play better from now on. Brady also talked about the recurring problem the Bucs have had throughout the entire year.


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The Bucs’ recurring issue

The Bucs went on to score only in the 3rd quarter of the game. They scored only one touchdown throughout the entire game. Brady was also intercepted twice throughout the game. During the post-game conference, Brady discussed the low-scoring game. He discussed how this has been a problem for the Bucs this year. The quarterback spoke about the problem with the team’s early scoring.

USA Today via Reuters

He said, “I think all year we just we never get off the fast starts we’re behind and turns into a pass-a-thon and it’s hard to play football like that” and mentioned the gap between the scoring and the passing. Ultimately, the quarterback admitted that they did not play like the team they usually are. He confessed to the press that the Bucs are just going to have to buck up and play harder from the next game. However, the question remains will the Bucs finally make good on their promise, or are these just empty words from the quarterback?


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