Tom Brady’s Worsening Form Makes Aaron Rodgers BFF Express Deep Concern in Four Letters

Tom Brady has had his fair share of controversies on Twitter. From conflict with AB to the FTX scam, Brady has had troubles on Twitter. Furthermore, Aaron Rodgers best friend pointed him regards his poor form.

Who's that Aaron Rodgers bff?

None other than Pat McAfee. Pat is famous for hosting superbowl, and nowadays also famous for wrestling in WWE's special events.

What Pat McAfee said on Tom Brady?

"Man.. Tom looks unfamiliar as hell"

Tom Brady ultimately proved Pat and Co. wrong

Despite atoning with the comeback drive, Tom Brady was far from his best. J. J. Watt and backup Arizona tackle Brandon Walton made things exponentially harder for the Bucs QB. However, it was 23-year-old cornerback Marco Wilson who caught two TB12 interceptions. This is Brady’s third straight game with two interceptions. And Pat McAfee maybe wasn’t too far off in his assessment.

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