Truth vs Hype: Did NFL GOAT Tom Brady Mock Jalen Hurts?

A short video of Brady being asked about Hurts' quarterback sneak success this year made the rounds online overnight into Friday morning, and at first blush many fans seem to think Brady is brushing off Hurts' accomplishments. However, actual story is quite opposite.

Tom Brady is throwing shade at Hurts 

If all you watch is this clip - which, considering it's been viewed 1.2 million times and social media users are not notorious seekers of context - you might think Brady is throwing shade at Hurts here. That's certainly the way it was framed in one of the more viral tweets around the clip

What Tom Brady said about Jalen Hurts

"[The QB sneak is] a great tool to have. I like the way they're doing it. They're kind of making it like a rugby scrum a little bit, putting a lot of bodies in there, which is kind of a new take on it. It'll be interesting to see how defenses start to defend that."

Actually, Tom Brady appreciated Jalen Hurts

"But he's doing a great job. He's a great young player. He's throwing the ball well, running it well, sneaking it well, they're scoring touchdowns. They've got a great team."

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