Truth vs Hype: Will Tom Brady Join Dolphins In 2023?

What's next for Tom Brady? That's become an increasingly interesting question as the 45-year-old quarterback nears the end of his 23rd NFL season. It appears all options are on the table for Brady, who could A) decide to retire for good, B) re-sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a fourth season, or C) sign with a new team in 2023.

Dolphins minority owner said about Tom Brady

"He almost went there a couple years ago. He's got a relationship with some people in that building"

The owner added on Tom Brady

"Mike McDaniel, the kind of coach I think he'd have a good rapport with. And then you look at the talent there, the talent's in place there too. So, geographically, Miami makes sense."

Will Tom Brady retire next season, or could he end up playing somewhere like Miami?

Brady and Gisele Bundchen finalized their divorce in October, and the pair have two children together who reside in Miami. Brady also has a son with actress Bridget Moynihan who resides in New York. As Breer notes, Brady may desire to stay on the East Coast, and playing in Miami would allow him to be very close to two of his children.

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