Years After Insomnia, Enlightened Tom Brady Endorses Eight Hours of Bedtime

Excellence and consistency in performance both come hand in hand when talking about none other than the legendary QB, Tom Brady. Recently, Brady shared some insight about the importance of proper sleep from his TB12 brand's Instagram handle. Though valuable cognizance can lead anyone to a healthy life, his fans will wonder how he adheres to so much knowledge about adequate sleep. Let's find out the secret behind it.

Brady shared tips about sound sleep

Through an Instagram post, he spread some knowledge, stating that everyone should have at least 8 hours of peaceful sleep, no electronic devices should be around them, one must avoid bedtime snacks, etc. 

Brady highlighted a secret

Besides making his followers knowledgeable about the importance of sleep, he also emphasized his brand's nighttime supplement, which reduces anxiety, ensures relaxation, and enhances quality sleep. He shared the post captioning, "Perform like the Pros."

The knowledge comes from a real-life experience

The Super Bowl MVP, though, has glorified career records that didn't come to him easily. There was a time when he used to suffer from insomnia after every defeat. Thus, he developed an in-depth knowledge of the importance of adequate sleep.

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