"Never Gonna Breathe The Same": Nasty Accident Changes Maui Firefighter Forever

The adrenaline rush from the surfing comes at the risk of the ocean's mercy. Those gigantic waves of the blue ocean can prove fatal. ES has brought you the story of Makalii Andrade, who recently survived a life-changing incident.

What happened With Makalii Andrade?

While doing toe-in foil surfing off Hanalei, Makalii Andrade had a fall. Unfortunately, the tip of the foil wing sliced his neck and severed the trachea that paved the entrance of water into his lungs.

How Did Andrade Survived The Deadly Accident?

Andrade was being saved by his fellow waterman Archie Kalepa, who held his throat together to make the firefighter breathe. Fortunately, there was a trauma medic on the shore with his medical supplies.

Andrade's Response On the near-death accident he faced

“Never gonna breathe the same…never gonna speak the same…never gonna eat the same. I knew that it was bad because as soon as I went underwater the ocean was pouring down my throat.", said Makalii Andrade after his recovery as reported by Hawaii News Now.

Is Andrade Doing Well?

Andrade is doing quite well now. Moreover, his community raised about $30790 for his healthy recovery and medic bills. The Kauai firefighter is grateful to his community and living with his family peacefully.

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