“You Need to Take Care of Those”: Michael Phelps’ Mother Raised Concern of Losing a Prized Possession at 2004 Olympics

Published 12/19/2022, 6:45 AM EST

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Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, and the world has acknowledged his talent, commitment, and strong mindset. Phelps has set some unreal records for the upcoming generation to break and remains a motivation for every upcoming swimmer. But the 37-year-old legend is still a child to his mother. He received lessons and scoldings from his mother, even after the heroics of Athens in 2004. 


In his autobiography, Michael Phelps has described some instances that portray his lovely relationship with his mother. 


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Michael Phelps’ mother got upset after her 2004 Athens win

Michael Phelps described an incident after his 2004 Athens Olympics. The legendary swimmer had won four gold and two bronze medals in that addition. When the whole country was celebrating his victory, Ms. Debbie Phelps, his mother, had other priorities.

Phelps recalled an instance in his autobiography ‘Beneath the Surface’ when he described his upcoming plans after the Athens Olympics to his mother. His mother suddenly asked him about his medals. “Where are your medals,” she asked. Phelps told her that the medals were in a bag under his bed. Ms. Phelps was shocked after listening to that Phelps had casually placed the most precious possession under his bed. “In a bad? Michael, you need to take care of those.”, she advised the champion swimmer. 

Phelps explained he did not have an alternate space to accommodate those medals and added he kept all his medals in a closet under clothes. Phelps also revealed that he ran out of places after the victory in the 800 free relay. “I needed to move them to a larger place”, he added. 

Medals have a different meaning for Phelps 


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Phelps also added that people are interested in knowing his plans for showcasing those medals. He revealed that people often ask him what was he going to do with them. However, even the swimming GOAT had no idea about it. He had handed them over to his brother Peter at that time. “I am not sure whether I’ll display them….or load them to a place where kids can see them,” he admitted. 

Michael Phelps has made his way through all the odds to achieve those medals. Hence, he knew their value. He added that only a person who has gone through such hardships to receive medals can realize its value.


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Phelps said that those medals were the reason for the dreams he dared to see. So he was not worried about the place of those medals in his home because they had a great place in his heart. So what do you think of Phelps’ relationship with his mother? Let us know in the comments.


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