Tom Brady Invokes The Gladiator After Gigantic Win in Germany

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took on the Seattle Seahawks in Munich. It was the first time a regular season NFL game was being played in the German city. And apart from the win, there was just one thing that was on Brady’s mind. Did he entertain the audience?

What Tom Brady said on it?

“That was probably one of the great experiences I have ever had. You know I have played at Wembley twice. I played in Stadium Aztec in Mexico, which was another amazing experience. This is just as good as it gets,” 

Tom Brady added

“Just to travel around the world and see, you know, the kind of welcoming from even around town. There was a lot of fanfare. Even driving in today, it looked like there was a lot of excitement. By the time we got on the field for warmups, the stadium was already full. It gets everyone hyped up,”

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers downed the Seahawks

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers downed the Seahawks in a thrilling game at the Allianz Arena. The Bucs did not have a good start to the season and till week eight; it looked like they would crash out. But for the last two weeks, they have managed to get their season back on track. 

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