Joe Rogan Reveals the ‘Curse’ of Ex-UFC Champion Who Dated Demi Lovato: “Anyone Gets Laid Is Because…”

You talk about looks and there you have Luke Rockhold, one of the best-looking UFC fighters. The retired American mixed martial artist has always been the talk of the two for his beautiful body and hence had a great dating history too.


Joe Rogan during episode #1871 of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience' spoke about Luke Rockhold’s looks and versatility with the legendary producer Jon Peters. 

What Did Rogan Say?

Rogan during the podcast expressed that Rockhold has insane good-looking features. He said, “He’s cursed with being impossibly good-looking. That’s a big part of it. … That’s what it is, it bothers men.” He further added, “I always say that the only reason anyone gets laid is that Luke Rockhold didn’t show up first.”

What Was Jon Peters’s Reaction?

Peters was all for Rogan's remarks and expressed that the fighter has a beautiful body.

Rockhold's Dating History

Luke Rockhold dated the musician Demi Lovato but later got separated. The two met at an MMA gym in L.A. as per TMZ. Rockhold has also dated Guilherme ‘Bomba’ Vasconcelos, another MMA fighter.

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