Rafael Nadal's
on-court routine
and rituals

Rafael Nadal has some crazy routines and rituals that he now follows diligently. Here are some of those rituals and routines on the court.

Rafael Nadal's typical routine when entering court

Rafael Nadal's enters the tennis court with his two bags over his shoulders and his racquet in  his left hand.

Rafael Nadal's entry

Credit: Youtube/Australian Open TV

Rafael Nadal's
coin toss routine

Rafael Nadal begins his warmup with small jumps during the coin toss.

Nadal jumps during coin toss

Credit: Youtube/Anthony Frailey

Rafael Nadal's pre-match warmup

After the coin toss, Rafael Nadal sprints to the baseline from the net to begin his warm-up.

Warm-Up Sprint

Credit: Youtube/Australian Open TV

Rafael Nadal's walk on the court

Rafael Nadal always moves over the lines with his right foot first avoiding it.

Rafa Nadal never steps on the lines

Credit: Youtube/Anthony Frailey

Rafael Nadal's
towel ritual

Before the coronavorus pandemic, Rafa Nadal would use his towel after every point.

Rafa Nadal had the habit of using his towel after every point.

Credit: Youtube/Australian Open TV

Rafael Nadal on-court drinking ritual

Rafael Nadal would first take a sip of his energy drink then the water.

Nadal's coordinated drinks

Rafael Nadal's pre-serve routine

In a distinctive routine, Rafael Nadal would first fiddle with his shorts, then place his hair behind his ears before every serve.

Rafa Nadal's serve routine

Credit: Youtube/Australian Open TV

How does Rafael Nadal arrange his bottles?

Rafael Nadal has a peculiar way of arranging his bottles. His bottles are diagonally arranged facing the court. The labels face towards the court. 

Rafael Nadal's bottle precision

Credit: Youtube/Australian Open TV

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