"I'd like to see the books":Surfing Hall-of-famer questions WSL on choice of major sponsorships

Surfing legend Barton Lynch expresses concerns about the WSL's sponsorships, particularly the promotion of alcohol at surfing events. Lynch's remarks ignited a global debate among surfing enthusiasts.

 Surf Culture: A Crisis of Values

In his podcast, "The Stoked Bloke Show," Lynch criticizes the commercialization of surf culture, pointing out factors like spiritual leaders promoting mass-produced soft-top boards and top surfers prioritizing leisurely sailing trips over challenging waves. According to Lynch, these compromises to the sport's core essence lay the foundation for his concerns about the selection of major sponsors.

Alcohol Advertising: A Poisonous Influence?

Lynch strongly opposes alcohol promotion in surfing, labeling it as poison. He believes it's the WSL's responsibility to protect the young audience from alcohol's harmful effects. Lynch questions the integrity of the WSL's endorsement of alcohol brands, urging them to prioritize the well-being of the sport's participants.

Transparency and Sustainability in Sponsorship Choices

credits: barton lynch 

credit: barton lynch

Lynch urges the WSL for transparency, questioning the financial impact of alcohol sponsorships and the organization's sustainability without them. He emphasizes prioritizing athletes' and supporters' well-being over monetary gains and expresses concerns about the promotion of energy drinks and their effects on health.

The Impact and Debate:

Lynch's outspoken critique has generated a wave of discussion within the surfing community. Supporters commend his courage and dedication to preserving the spirit of the sport, while others question the practicality of severing ties with major alcohol sponsors. The potential financial consequences, including the rumored $5,000 annual Corona stipend, have also sparked debate about the WSL's economic sustainability.

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