93-year-old NHL Record Shattered By Bruins Goalie

The Boston Bruins are leading the current NHL rankings with their winning streak count reaching to five games with their victory San Jose Sharks last Sunday. However, the Bruins' goaltender set a new record that was over 90-years-old. Get an insight regarding the record and the goaltender in the following story.

The 93-year-old record that was broken

The record that was broken was 25 wins in the fewest games(29) that belonged to former Bruins' goaltender Tiny Thompson(1929-30).

Who broke Tiny Thompson's record?

Current Bruins' goaltender Linus Ullmark broke the record and set 25 wins in 28 decisions against San jose Sharks on Sunday night.

Ullmark's record as a goalie

Ullmark is leading all goalies in NHL with a 0.938 save percentage and a 1.82 goals against average with the record 25-2-1.

Favorite Candidate for Vezina Trophy

With his stellar performance this season, Ullmark is the favorite candidate for Vezina Trophy won only two times by his team goalies in last 40 years.

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