A Journey To Millions: Here's How Chris Bumstead Made Millions After Becoming Mr. Olympia In 2019

Chris Bumstead, a bodybuilder from Canada, is the current holder of the Mr. Olympia title for the classic physique division. The Canadian professional bodybuilder has managed to establish himself as a famous internet personality despite just being 27 years old. Let's have a look how he made millions.

Chris Bumstead's net worth

 It is estimated that Chris Bumstead's net worth is anywhere between $5 and $6 million, although it is possible that it is considerably higher.

Chris Bumstead is the beast by monthly income as well

According to Social Blade's estimations, his monthly income from the platform is somewhere in the range of $3,700 and $58,600. 

Apart of bodybuilding, what's another reason that Bumstead made millions?

Bumstead is a highly successful entrepreneur who runs two businesses: one is a clothing line known as "cbum fitness," and the other is a supplement brand known as "Raw Nutrition." The athletic gear that this apparel brand is known for selling includes things like hoodies, tank tops, caps, gloves, and gym equipment.

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