Detroit Scooter Accident Puts This NHL Player in Hospital

NHL players are quite rough and tough on the ice rink as well as in the real life. However, the robust bodies of these players also suffer from injuries. Recently, a scooter accident of an NHL player has jeopardized his playing status in the upcoming NHL game.

NHL player hit by a vehicle

NHL player Rasmus Andersson was struck by a vehicle on February 8 while the defenseman was on his way to eat dinner.

Team of the NHL player caught in accident

Defenseman Rasmus Andersson who got caught in the scooter accident belongs to the Calgary Flames team.

What's the Flames defenseman's current condition?

Andersson is "doing well" and is considered "day to day" according to the Flames. So it's not clear if Rasmus will play against Red Wings on Thursday.

Stats of Calgary Defenseman

This season, Calgary's defenseman has appeared in 51 games scoring seven goals along with 27 assists.

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