Female Equestrian Revives ‘Lost Tradition’ With Distinctive Flair

Equestrianism has a centuries-old history in Saudi Arabia. A staggering video of a Saudi Arabian equestrian, Noura Al-Jabr, is going viral online, showcasing something extraordinary - a 'lost tradition! 

Preserving Arab identity through equestrian sports

Recently, a clip shared by Voice of America on their official Facebook page showed Saudi equestrian's incredible revival of buried traditions, blending mounted archery and sword fighting in a viral spectacle.

Saudi woman contributes to country's folk sport

Noura Al-Jabr confidently rides a galloping horse and accurately hits targets with her bow and arrow before skillfully wielding a sword to precisely cut an object in front of her while maintaining her pace on the horse.

Noura Al-Jabr's ‘Buried’ Tradition

In this 32-second clip, shared by Voice of America on their official FB page with the caption, “Saudi Female Equestrian Revives ‘Buried’ Tradition,” Al-Jabr flawlessly demonstrates every aspect of mounted archery and sword fighting on a horse.

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