Five Years After a Brutal Injury, 35-Year-Old Rodeo Returns to Bull-Riding to Live His Passion

After a five-year absence due to injury, Jacovo Crawford, 35, thrillingly returns to rodeo at the Muskingum County Fair. His remarkable comeback embodies resilience, faith, and an unbreakable spirit, reigniting his passion for bull riding.

Overcoming the Odds: A Journey of Healing and Redemption

Crawford's break stemmed from a bull riding accident that caused extensive injuries - fractured shoulder, arm, and hand. His resilient comeback highlighted his unwavering resolve.

Struggles surpassed physical harm - battling seizures from concussions compounded by substance problems Turning point: 12-step program, church, sobriety pledge. Celebrated 11 months sober on August 23, seizures ceased, and life was renewed.

A Childhood Dream Revived: Faith and Fortitude in Bull Riding

Crawford's passion for bull riding ignited as a child when he witnessed a dramatic rodeo. At age 5, he vowed to become a rider himself. He recalls seeing an injured rider, a memory that fueled his aspiration. 

Crawford attributes his mental strength to his faith, believing God guides him through challenges. Starting at 19, his determination persists as he competes against much younger riders. He mentors new riders and shares prayers with competitors.

A Triumph of Faith and Family: Dedication and Gratitude

Crawford, preparing for the Muskingum County Fair rodeo, recognizes his family's vital support, especially Cayla Hanes, Terri Crawford, Joe Hanes, and Dave Adkins. He pays tribute to his late friends Mike Fairchild and Tony Postlewait, who were instrumental in his bull-riding journey. His family is his foundation, and he aims to honor them through a potential victory, symbolizing a significant personal achievement.

Witness the Unforgettable: Catch Jacovo Crawford in Action

Make sure to catch Jacovo Crawford's inspiring bull riding comeback at Muskingum County Fair's grandstand on Thursday at 8 p.m. Witness his electrifying skills as he and his fellow riders face the challenge. Tickets are $10. More at John Crawford's journey of triumph, faith, and passion reignited

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