Five Years Younger to Arnold Schwarzenegger' Lou Ferrigno Looking Like a Beast Next to the Terminator Left Fans Amazed Once

Arnold regularly interacts with many fellow bodybuilders, including champions like Lou Ferrigno. Fans love to see these stars post pictures with one another, and the reactions are always wild. In one such instance, Lou Ferrigno posted a picture of him and Arnold that sent the fans into a frenzy.

Lou Ferrigno recalled old memories

The photo was clicked in 1973, when Lou, who is 5 years younger than Arnold Schwarzenegger, was only 21. The photo showed Lou and Arnold standing on either side of Ben Weider, with a trophy in between. At that time, Lou was crowned Mr. America by the IFBB.

What Lou Ferrigno said about it

"Cool to see this picture of Schwarzenegger Ben Wielder and myself in color."

The hilarious comment by fan

Heading 2

 “Making Arnold look small,”

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