From Connor McDavid To Alexander Ovechkin: Top NHL Players Who Could Dominate in WWE

WWE wrestlers have been ruling the entertainment world with their power, performance on mic, and their excellent physique. However, some of the NHL players stand up to these parameters and can nail the WWE wrestlers if they get into the business.

Alexander Ovechkin

NHL legend Ovechkin would be a perfect replacement for the comedic character Santino Marella in the WWE according to his charismatic and tank like physique.

Connor Mcdavid

When we talk about John Cena, Connor McDavid falls in the replacement option as he is currently one of the good boys of NHL that has good vibe and power.

Ryan Kesler

One of the diertiest players in the NHL, former Canucks player is the best fit for WWE as he is expert in mind games and  can cut promos.

Brad Marchand

Brad Merchand would be perfect heel for cruiserweight division in WWE as he has one of the dirtiest play along with innocent face to escape from it.

P. K. Subban

P.K. Subban is the most potential replacement for John Cena as the Predators defenseman has the charisma along with the ability to attract cheers and boos.

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