Here's Why NHL Players Oppose Expanded Playoffs Unlike NFL, NBA, and MLB

The Stanley Cup playoffs expansion has shadowed all the prominent topics from the NHL. The playoff expansion has sparked a debate among the NHL players and the authorities as well as team owners. But why most of the NHL players are opposing this expansion?

Playoff expansion in NHL?

The NHL is looking to expand the number of teams in the Stanley Cup Playoffs walking along the lines of the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

NHL player's response on playoff expansion

"Keep it at 16 teams. You have to make it really hard to make it," said Colorado Avalanche center Nathan MacKinnon.

Why most of NHL players are opposing the expansion?

The reason behind NHL players' repulsive nature against the playoff expansion is that it would cheapen their arduous regular season and dull the triumph of playoff qualification.

Why the playoff-expansion was successful in NFL, NBA, and MLB?

NFL, MLB, and NBA all of them received a great response from an excitement perspective besides the NBA also received a revenue advantage due to the play-in round.

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