“He’s a Small Guy”: Candid Insights on Two-Time World Champion Cowboy Revealed Ahead of Major PBR Event

It takes a lot of time to have a hang on the Bulls to win championships, but not for Jess Lockwood. As a competitor in a tough sport, Lockwood can ride out anything. That's why he became the youngest to win two world championships. But how? That's exactly what Bull riding greats revealed in the 'PBR Top 30 Bull Riders' series ahead of PBR Team series

What makes Jess Lockwood a champion 

As a top rider, the 2x champion has agility, a strong grip, and the ability to roll with the punches. And, that's what helps him win championships

'Super talented athletic guy'

"Super talented athletic guy. He's[Jess Lockwood] a small guy, but he's also a very strong guy. He's pound for pound. I'll put Jess against anybody," said TY Murray, PBR founder & Bull on the 'PBR Top 30 Bull Riders' series on YouTube. 

Where is Jess Lockwood in PBR Top 30

In PBR's countdown of the best bull riders, Jess Lockwood is ranked No.10 amongst the GOAT Riders including JB Mauney, Little Yellow Jacket, Jose Vitor Leme, Bushwacker, and more!

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