"I was going to be Canuck for life" New York Islanders Legendary Center Bo Horvat Opens Up About His Disappointment Amidst Senseless NHL Trade

Arguably the biggest trade of this season, the New York Islanders committed a trade with Vancouver Canucks in a desperate bid for a playoff spot. However many feel the trade does not make sense for the Islanders.

Islanders receive Bo Horvat

The Canucks in return get Anthony Beauvillier, Aatu Raty, and 2023 1st round draft pick.

Horvat is currently peaking but...

A 1st draft pick is even more valuable this season with an extremely talented draft class.

A deal we don't know about?

In the past few years when Lou has traded for someone on an expiring contract like Palmieri, he has been able to sign them. It is possible a long-term deal with Bo has been reached.

"I thought I was going to be a Canuck for life"

The trade has come as a shock to Horvat when asked about it said "I thought I was going to be a Canuck... I thought I was going to be a Canuck for life." However, a  true professional, Bo is looking forward to his next journey.

Generational talent lost?

Fans are most upset with the loss of Raty, The 20-year-old has shown a lot of potential and could have been the overall first pick in the 2021 draft if not for a lackluster draft year.

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