“It’ll Get You Through a Lot”: Bill Gates’ Ex-Wife Melinda Gates Had Precious Relationship Advice for Her Equestrian Daughter Jennifer Gates Once

Melinda French Gates, who was married for 27 years to the Microsoft CEO and billionaire Bill Gates, parted ways with the latter in 2021. However, the lifelong experience of the American philanthropist came out when she sat opposite her daughter Jennifer Gates on her talk show. Check out the precious bits of advice from Melinda regarding relationships that she shared with her daughter.

A mother-daughter talk with life lessons

Way before Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' separation, Melinda Gates invited her daughter Jennifer to her talk series "Talk to Me" where she shared a lot of wisdom.

Melinda Gates' advice to equestrian daughter on life partners

“I think career’s a close second… you can make mistakes and they can even help you build through what you want... " said Melinda on choosing differences between career and life partner.

Melinda further explained the repercussions of choosing the wrong one and said, "Your life partner… if you make a mistake, it’s hard… having a life partner who loves you… respects you… I think those are pretty clearly fundamentals and I think they can get you through a lot,”

Communication is always the solution

The Dallas Native stated that "good communication" takes the relationship a long way, as Bill Gates trusts Jennifer's "wise" decisions.

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