LSU Gymnast Olivia Dunne Stuns Millions of Fans With Breathtaking Swimming Pictures During Adventure-Filled Holiday

American Gymnast Olivia Dunne has been working non-stop recently. Hence after long work days, Dunne has now taken off to Italy. Interestingly, the 20-year-old again had all eyes on her with breathtaking holiday pictures.

A break from work to have a go on vacation 

Usually, when Livvy visits the beaches, she indulges in beautiful gymnastics tricks. However, she swapped her sport with swimming on her recent vacation. 

Olivia Dunne’s swimming visuals are pure love

A few hours ago, Olivia Dunne took to her Instagram stories to share a breathtaking video of her enjoying a fantastic swim session in Amalfi. 

Mind-blowing gymnastics tricks in swimsuit

In one of her Instagram stories, Dunne is seen in a pretty white bikini, standing on a rocky hill. On the sunny day, the gymnast decided to jump from the elevated hill, to take a relaxing swim. Seeing her have the time of her life makes you want to dive into the town’s beaches, doesn't it?

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