“Wayne Gretzky, that’s sort of a name I’m familiar with" When NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch Compared His Sport With NHL

NHL and NASCAR's crossovers are quite rare and sports entities from respective sports are quite busy. However, back in 2015, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, stopped by an NHL game in the home arena of the Arizona Coyotes where the NASCAR driver met the team captain. Here's how Kyle compared his sport with NHL during a chit-chat.

When Coyotes' Shane Doan met NASCAR's Kyle Busch

Back in 2015, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch met Arizona Coyotes captain Shane Doan while promoting the Sprint Cup season-opening Daytona 500.

Busch's response on being a NHL fan

"I am not a hockey guy. Wayne Gretzky, that's sort of a name I'm familiar with," said Busch mentioning along Blackhawks.

Coyotes' Doan opinion about NASCAR drivers

"We make a mistake, we might get knocked out. They make a mistake, they might die," said the Coyotes' captain of the NASCAR drivers.

Coyotes' captain shared jerseys with Kyle Busch

Busch shared an M&M jacket while Doan shared a Coyotes' jersey with Busch's name and his car number 18 on the back with the NASCAR driver.

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