NHL Goat Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter Paulina Gretzky Steals the Limelight With Her Outfit During Stanley Cup Finals

NHL legend Wayne Gretzky is the first choice for every NHL fan and he is the reason many people started watching NHL games. The list of some of his biggest fans also includes his daughter Paulian Gretzky who went to watch Stanley Cup Finals in a stunning outfit.

Paulina Gretzky oomphs in her Black outfit!

Paulina Gretzky donned a black leather dress to attend the Stanley Cup Finals at the FLA Live arena in Sunrise, FL.

Paulina witnessed the Knights vs Panthers face-off

Paulina went to attend the Stanley Cup Finals to watch the final game between NHL teams Las Vegas Knights and Florida Panthers.

Who accompanied Paulina on her game visit?

Paulina went to watch the Stanley Cup Finals face-off with her golfer husband Dustin Johnson.

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