NHL Superstar Connor McDavid and the Oilers Join Forces with the Stelter Family to Create Lasting Legacy

The lost puffy boy, Ben Stelter who inspired Connor McDavid and many other NHL fans to never give up is becoming the source of a legacy. The Oilers' captain and his teammates are joining hands in an initiative to help children like Ben.

Oilers and McDavid join the Ben's fund

Connor McDavid and Edmonton Oilers joined hands to contribute to the Ben's Stelter fund.

What's the target for the Ben Stelter fund?

The organizers are hoping that the total collection of the fund reaches USD 5 million.

Who was Ben Stelter?

Ben Stelter was an Oiler's Superfan who died at the age of 6 due to brain cancer on August 10, 2022.

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