“People Are Acting Like Zombies”: Sports Community Unites to Condemn the Viral Video of Bloody Kentucky Derby Brawl

Kentucky Derby is kind of a celebration for equestrian sports lovers. Therefore, there is a great level of excitement among the attending people. However, sometimes this over-enthusiasm leads to violent behavior that can hurt anyone in such an amazing premise. Check out the following story to know about the despicable fight that took place at the !49th running of the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby: Thirst for Blood brawl!

Here are the attending people fighting covered in blood at the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.
Credit- LWCnewswire/ Twitter

American commentator and media host condemns the violent act at the Derby!

American Canadian political commentator and media host Steven Crowder posted the article link of his commentary on the video with the caption, "How undignified".

Netizens burst out to condemn the disgraceful act at the Derby

Disappointed by the unrefined behavior of the attendants, a user commented, "What’s going on with people? Is the left putting drugs in the water supply now, gee past few yrs, people are acting like zombies, something is happening”.

Taking a dig at the brutal fight by so-called 'dignified' members of society, a user commented, "Sophisticated brawling.”

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