Surfing and Gaming Fans Receive Massive Boost After Exciting Update on GTA 6

Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto PC game is one of the most loved games. The main reason behind its popularity is the plethora of things that the player can do in the world of GTA. Now Rockstar Games wants to take it to the next level by including surfing in the game. GTAVI_Countdown recently released a major update that Rockstar Games is focusing on the inclusion of water mechanics in the game. Check out the following story to know more about it.

Rockstar games to include water sports in GTA 6 after spending $2 Billion!

The latest update from GTAVI_Countdown's Twitter account revealed that Rockstar Games has hired a team of 20 engineers to implement realistic wave dynamics in GTA 6's oceans after spending $2 Billion.

GTA 6: A Hope for Olympic eSports!

With millions of people playing the game online and water sports as an Olympic activity, fans hope for the Olympic Esports Series to include it in its tournaments moving forward.

Why spend billions on just a game?

The earnings from GTA 5 were about $7.7 Billion, that's why Rockstar Games doesn't want to spare no effort in releasing the best version of the game with a budget of $2 Billion.

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