Countdown of the Top 5 Moments That Can Set the Equestrian Crowd Ablaze

According to the equestrian world, nothing can be more addicting than horse riding. Well, the authenticity of those words can only be judged by someone who has the experience of riding a horse. However, here’s something you need to know before you jump right on the field with your horse.

Is having an expensive car more pocket-friendly than having a horse?

Well, a horse is more than a pet for the equestrian crowd, but the expense a horse causes can instigate you to think, can you really afford a horse? For example, recently, a thoroughbred horse got the highest price of $70 million.

Horses are confident pets.

Horses are considered among the most confident pets, though it highly depends on the kind of training you provide to your horse. Developing the confidence level of your horse depends on the level of understanding it shares with its master.

Horse riding is an addiction.

If you are addicted to something, whether it be alcohol or drugs, the addiction to horse riding will stand high among them. 

Horses can fly.

Have you wondered how a horse can fly? Well, the answer is pretty simple, as you do not have any idea how high your horse can jump. It might feel risky for a human to think about jumping that much height, but a horse with proper training can jump up to 8 feet. 

Horse’s mood swings are something that is hard to handle.

Humans are not only the specimen that suffers from mood swings. Horses also do. Due to the hormonal changes, horses also have mood swings, and that can be the toughest time to understand your closest buddy.

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