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“Went From 215 to Almost 300”: Strongest Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman Played With His Body Like It Was a Child’s Play During His Prime

Published 12/02/2022, 12:30 PM EST

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Gaining global popularity early in the career is every athlete’s dream come true. The world of sports is filled with great examples of such athletes. The champion bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman, is one of those globally renowned sportsmen himself. Ronnie settled the bar high by winning 8 consecutive Mr. Olympia titles. He credits his success to his disciplined regime and the resultant aesthetic physique.

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Ronnie was often seen talking about his monstrous physique and his action plan. Similarly, 4 years ago, Coleman revealed his journey of going from 215lbs to 300lbs.


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Going from 200lbs to 300lbs was rather a child’s play for Ronnie Coleman

Back in 2018, in an interview with Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network, the host asked about Ronnie’s weightlifting prowess. On this, Ronnie replied, “I am just naturally strong”. 

Furthermore, when the host asked Ronnie about his weight and thickness, he said, “when I first started competing I was 215 the first one I turned pro”. Based on the talk, as the time of the 7th Mr. Olympia contest was approaching, he worked harder to gain weight and thickness. “At the time it was the seventh Olympia, I was 296 almost 300lbs. So, I went from 215 to almost 300”, added Ronnie.


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However, Ronnie’s revelations do not end here. He further explained the difficulties he faced after gaining weight and hefty thickness. Ronnie joked, “the first time I hit 300, I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes, and walking upstairs was a chore.

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Although for a legend like Ronnie, acquiring weight and building muscles was child’s play, he had to face some physical extremities for his prowess.

Did Ronnie got support from his family 


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Further in the interview, when Ronnie was asked about the support he got from his family. He revealed the main reason for his successful sporting career has always been his family. “My family supported me like 100%,” said Ronnie. Ronnie even credits the awards and honors that he received to his family.  

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Clearly, the bodybuilding legend, along with his sport loves his family dearly. He not only built an exquisite physique but also set an example for young bodybuilding enthusiasts. 

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