8 Times Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Announces Exciting News for Bodybuilding Fans Ahead of Arnold Classic

Published 01/17/2023, 7:15 AM EST

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A name that stands synonymous with the world of bodybuilding is Ronnie Coleman. Winning Mr. Olympia back-to-back eight consecutive times, Coleman has reached heights that only a few could achieve. He did not just leave a rich legacy behind but also opened the doors for future generations to pursue their career in bodybuilding. He is indeed the undisputed King of the sport. Making the sport more accessible to the youth decades back, he started the famous Ronnie Coleman Classic. Being held for the last 25 years, the bodybuilding maestro and friend Brian Dobson announces details for this year’s event.

Keeping the excitement intact, the legend also has a lucrative offer to make. So what is this recent news? Let us have a look.

Ronnie Coleman and his friend Brian Dobson talk about the fun they would have at the event 


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As the 2022 Mr. Olympia just ended, excitement remains high amongst fans. With the new year, the line-up for the bodybuilding competitions looks impressive. Joining the list is the Ronnie Coleman Classic. Earlier held as an amateur show, where athletes could earn a pro card, last year onwards, the event was held like an IFBB show.

As revealed, the event will be held on May 20th at the Roundup Inn in Fort Worth, Texas. Broadening the horizons, they will host all divisions like “Masters, Wellness, Bikini, Men’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Teens, etc.” Brian and Coleman also announced that the competition is open to International participants.


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Keeping the excitement intact, Ronnie also said, “I will personally pick you guys up in my brand new Escalade ESV-V that I ordered 2 months ago.” Sharing more about the plans, he added, “We will also have a pizza party backstage.” With just a few months away from the big event, the preparations are in full swing.


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The excitement keeps on rising for the bodybuilding fans

Talking more about the event, the legends revealed that earlier they had participants from Japan and England. And, like every year, they also anticipate more people participating in the event. Aiming to make it a big success, Ronnie added that they would celebrate their victory with Dom Perignon champagne.


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Thus, with the dates for The Ronnie Coleman Classic event now announced, it is needless to say that the participants will have more exposure to the sport. As the date approaches, the fans have their eyes glued on Coleman and his team.

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