Counting Down the Most Infamous Instances of Athletes Caught Cheating on Live Television

Someone may think that cheating is only an exam thing, but that isn't true. Rather, cheating is a thing that has been observed in many cases apart from exams, for example, in games. In sports, frequent cheating instances have been captured till now. Following are some infamous instances where cheating was caught on Live Television.

Dwight Howard’s on-game stickum usage

During a match between the two renowned teams, Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets, Paul Millsap sensed something wrong with their ball. When he brought the fact in front of everyone, it was discovered that Dwight Howard used a sticky, glue-like substance. Though it was illegal to use it in baseball, Howard didn't face any trouble.

Credit: YouTube

Diego Maradona’s Hand of God

In the 1986 World Cup quarterfinal match between England and Argentina, Diego Maradona, the football legend, deflected a ball into the net using his left hand. Though no one objected to that and moving forward, Maradona justified the goal by stating it was done by the 'Hand of God.'

Credit: YouTube

Chinese Badminton team

During a 2012 match in London, the Chinese Women's badminton team deliberately hit the server onto the net despite several warnings, which led the team to disqualify without any refund.

Julie Miller’s hideous cheating

The renowned triathlete, Julie Miller, won the Ironman Canada 2015 within an unbelievably short time span, which posed the question of whether she completed the entire course. The controversy was fueled when the other athletes claimed that no one had seen her during the course. Later on, after a proper investigation, Miller was identified guilty and disqualified. However, she never admitted the same.

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