Edge Returns, Roman Reigns Stands Tall: Best Moments from WWE SmackDown (03/19/20)

This Week's episode of SmackDown had some top-notch action and storyline development

Find out what were the latest developments as we get ready for WWE's Final Stop before WrestleMania - Fastlane

Sasha Banks Retains her SmackDown Women's Championship

Sasha Banks retained her title against Nia Jax after Shayna Baszler's tricks backfired. She accidentally kicked Nia Jax 

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Nakamura puts down Seth Rollins with a

Shinsuke Nakamura put down Seth Rollins with a kinshasa for brutally attacking his friend, Cesaro, last week on SmackDown

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Big E makes
Apollo Crews pay
for his attacks!

Big E viciously assaulted Apollo Crews and got payback for the latter's attacks these past few weeks

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Sami Zayn
Kevin Owens

Sami Zayn put down his former bestfriend Kevin Owens after he disagreed with Sami over his conspiracy theory

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Edge Wins First Match on SmackDown in Over a Decade!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Roman Reigns gets
the last laugh!

Roman Reigns attacked Edge and later Daniel Bryan with vicious spears. He stood tall in the ring as SmackDown ended

Credit: YouTube/WWE