13 Months After Getting Married, Alexa Bliss Announces Exciting News for Her Fans

Although fans haven’t heard much about Alexa Bliss for the past few months, she is not likely to give up her WWE career anytime soon. There were rumors suggesting otherwise but Bliss took her time to debunk them herself and told everyone that she didn’t plan to leave the promotion. However, she recently made a huge announcement that could be why Bliss has been on a break. 13 months after being married to the musician Ryan Cabrera, the couple recently announced pregnancy.

Bliss and husband announce pregnancy after 13 months

On April 9, 2022, the couple got married together. However, it wasn’t until 30th May 2023 that the two announced their pregnancy.

Bliss shares pregnancy news on Instagram

Bliss took the initiative to post the news about the conception on her Instagram.

Alexa Bliss' Instagram caption

In her caption, Bliss wrote, “The best moments in life are the completely unexpected. Baby Cabrera arriving December 2023!!!”

Ryan Cabrera shared the news on Instagram too

Ryan Cabrera followed in his wife’s footsteps soon after and posted the second official announcement through his own Instagram account.

Ryan Cabrera's Instagram caption

The musician wrote in his caption, “Is there a word that’s even more exciting than excited? Yeah, that’s how I feel sharing the news!!!!”

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