5 Crazy Moments from WWE Payback

WWE Payback didn't disappoint, bringing a whirlwind of emotions and mind-blowing moments that left fans on the edge of their seats. Among all the thrilling matches, five unforgettable moments will forever be etched in WWE history. From surprising comebacks to incredible displays of power, here are the top five jaw-dropping moments that kept fans buzzing well beyond the event's conclusion.

 Kevin Owens Busted Open

In a high-stakes WWE tag team match at Payback, chaos reigned as Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, and Damian Priest faced off. Rhea Ripley stole the show with a thunderous spear that left Owens injured. Ripley's execution of the move, usually seen in powerhouses like Goldberg, proved her prowess and left fans wanting more.

Rhea Ripley's Spear to Owens

Ripley's spear to Owens was both a physical feat and a symbol in WWE, breaking the notion that female wrestlers are weaker than males. She showed not just her strength but also her ability to execute a move typically associated with heavyweight elites.

A fan even playfully challenged Hall of Famer Goldberg, underscoring Ripley's impact. This moment affirmed that WWE's choice to pit Ripley against male wrestlers was not only popular but could revolutionize sports entertainment.

 Becky's Suplex to Trish from Above the Cage

In a heart-pounding steel cage match, Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus elevated their rivalry to new heights. While battling atop the cage, Becky executed a gravity-defying suplex, sending Trish crashing to the mat below. 

The crowd's gasps and cheers echoed through the arena, witnessing an incredible display of athleticism and fearlessness. This moment is etched in WWE history as one of the most daring moves ever made inside a steel cage.

Jey Uso's Shocking Return

In a surprising turn, WWE Payback delivered yet another unforgettable moment. Jey Uso, absent from the ring for a while, made a shocking return during a heated face-off between Roman Reigns and The Rock, creating ripples in the WWE Universe. Jey Uso's comeback injected fresh excitement into the ongoing storyline, leaving fans eagerly speculating about WWE's future. It was a powerful reminder of WWE's dominance in the world of sports entertainment.

John Cena Turns Interviewer

At WWE Payback, John Cena, renowned for wrestling and captivating promos, shocked fans by becoming an interviewer post-match. He quizzed his opponent on their performance and future plans, delighting and amusing viewers with his charisma and distinctive engagement. This moment underscored the ever-evolving entertainment boundaries in the WWE universe, proving that surprises are the norm.

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