5 of the Most Iconic Gears Sported by Seth Rollins

In every era, Seth Rollins debuted unique gear. Sometimes his attire marked a special occasion, and other times he uses his gear to make pop culture references. Like many other wrestlers, Rollins likes to use his gear as a way to express his love for comic books, his favorite action movies, and some iconic sports teams. Let's look at five of the most iconic gears spotted by Seth Rollins.

5. Thanos

Marvel's Infinity War was the blockbuster event of 2018. Rollins seemed to also be in on the hype for the latest MCU installment. This gear mimics the battle armor of Thanos, the big baddie who sought to eliminate half of the universe's population. The golden boot is a nice touch on this gear, meant to imitate Thanos' infinity gauntlet. Much like Thanos uses his gauntlet to destroy his enemies, Seth's boot devastates his opponents when he hits them with his stomp.

4. Night Kingslayer

Game of Thrones used to be a staple of pop culture before its horrendous finale. This gear, including the bright blue contacts, emulates the Night King from the TV series. The Night King is the leader of the White Walkers, and is the embodiment of pure evil. Seth actually wore this during his babyface run, but knocked it out of the park nonetheless.

3. Deadpool

Deadpool is a fan-favorite Marvel character, played by actor Ryan Reynolds. This gear from Seth mimics Deadpool's full-body costume, worn by the mercenary to cover his countless scars. Seth, fortunately, doesn't have that kind of carnage on his body, but still rocked the red and black look nonetheless.

2. Seth Mysterio

This gear was worn during Rollins' match against Rey Mysterio's son Dominick at 2020's SummerSlam. The attire isn't a tribute to one of Seth's favorite character, but rather part of the mind games he employs against his opponents. This pink gear covered in question marks is a recreation of Rey Mysterio's gear at WCW's Halloween Havoc that he wore when he defeated Eddie Guerrero in a Mask vs Title match. While Rollins likely would've won the match without any mind games, making Dominick fight someone dressed as his dad certainly added a twist to their face-off.

1. Avengers: Endgame

We're back in the MCU with this attire inspired by the movie Avengers: Endgame. Seth's suit here recreates the time travel suits worn by the Avengers to travel through the multiverse and recollect the Infinity Stones. Seth at this time was the Universal Champion, after defeating one of the most intimidating monsters in all of WWE, the Beast Brock Lesnar. Since Rollins was undoubtedly the top babyface of the WWE at the time, gear inspired by the current most popular superheroes only made sense.

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