Brendan Fraser Is Reportedly Joining Forces With Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart for a Blockbuster Film Sequel Just Days After Winning an Oscar

Dwayne Johnson has forged a successful career as an action hero in Hollywood today while many fans still fondly remember the humble beginnings of The People’s Champ in movies. And according to the latest reports Johnson is set to reunite with Brendan Fraser who played the leading role in the Mummy Franchise.

Johnson entered the world of movies in the 2001 movie Mummy Returns 

Although he auditioned for an acting role at a very young age, it was in the 2001 movie Mummy Returns that saw Johnson enter the world of movies. He later appeared in a spinoff of the franchise in the 2002 movie The Scorpion King.

Johnson is set to reunite with Brendan Fraser

Fraser would be starring in the fourth part of the Jumanji franchise as per He is expected to portray the role of Mr. Gilpin the father of the character Spencer Gilpin. 

Production dates for the fourth installment are yet to be confirmed

Fans would have to wait to see Fraser sharing the screen again with Johnson. The movie series also features DJ’s real-life friend Kevin Hart. 

Fraser won the best actor award at the 95th Academy Awards

Fraser won this accolade for his role in the movie The Whale. And it seems he has followed this huge achievement by getting cast in the Jumanji franchise.

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