Cody Rhodes’ Secret Proposal for John Cena Following Their Passing of the Torch Moment Is Now Public

The March 6 episode of WWE RAW was revolutionary in itself, as it gave the audience a visual to remember forever. The reunion of arguably the two legends of the roster let fans see an exchange of hugs between the two. During this, The People’s Champ shared a 5-word message to the next face of the WWE. They also had a little conversation that Rhodes revealed recently. 

The American Nightmare shared the best advice

While answering this, Rhodes mentioned it happened in 2008-2009 when he was driving The Face of the WWE in his car. However, the topic soon deviated to their interaction on Monday Night Raw. 

The Prince of Pro Wrestling threw some light on their actual conversation

He said, “What he said to me on Raw was, I was telling him if he ever does another match, I would like [to work with him], and I think you could hear him pretty well. He says, ‘I can’t promise that.’"

Sent proposal is enough for fans to be delighted!

This must have already ignited excitement in every fan’s heart. Even though Cena didn’t promise to make their partnership happen, the satisfying feeling of the sent proposal is enough for the fans to get delighted.

The American Nightmare spoke highly of The Face of the WWE

The 37-year-old then emphasized how Cena genuinely approaches live events and shows. Rhodes then also mentioned how The Cenation Leader always does something for the audience in order to make them believe that if they would do something, he is up for them. 

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