Days After CM Punk’s Firing, Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett Offers Help to Tony Khan to Keep AEW’s Backstage “Disciplined” – “I Can Promise You”

Former UFC champ Josh Barnett offers to help AEW CEO Tony Khan maintain discipline amid backstage issues, following CM Punk's controversial firing. A surprising MMA-wrestling collaboration grabs fan attention.

Ex-UFC Champion Talks ‘Discipline’ to Tony Khan

After a successful MMA career with 35 wins and 8 losses, Josh Barnett transitioned to professional wrestling with Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), introducing 'Bloodsport,' a unique fusion of MMA and pro wrestling that focuses on knockout or submission victories. He aims to bring discipline to Tony Khan's AEW promotion, offering his services on Twitter to establish order and resolve conflicts in the locker room, addressing the recurring backstage disputes.

What's Going on at AEW?

AEW faced backstage controversies, notably during 'All In,' their premier pay-per-view. Jungle Boy (Jack Perry) and CM Punk clashed on-camera, sparking a backstage physical altercation. AEW reacted by suspending both initially. Later, CM Punk was terminated due to professional misconduct. This followed a previous backstage brawl at the AEW All Out PPV involving The Elite and CM Punk.

Barnett’s Bid to Uplift AEW from Indiscipline

Given ongoing backstage incidents, Josh Barnett's offer to help Tony Khan maintain AEW discipline sparks wrestling community interest. Barnett's tough, cross-athlete reputation intrigues fans and insiders. Will Khan accept? Barnett's entry might change AEW's backstage discipline. As the wrestling world watches, time will tell if Barnett delivers on an orderly AEW.

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