Despite a Bad “History”, UFC President Dana White Praises New Business Partner Vince McMahon: “Michael Jordan of the Business World”

The WWE and Endeavor merger has transformed the rivalry between UFC President Dana White and former WWE CEO Vince McMahon into an unexpected and friendly partnership. The UFC CEO recently revealed his candid thoughts about McMahon in an interview.

The Reshaped Relationship:- From Rivals to Partners:

White and McMahon, leading UFC and WWE, were rivals due to their competitive natures. McMahon viewed UFC as competition, striving to outshine MMA. White conceded, "My history with Vince isn’t good," but the merger reshaped their connection.

Dana White's Praise:

In an interview with Fan Nation, Dana White openly admired Vince McMahon, hailing his business prowess as "an absolute savage" and dubbing him the "Michael Jordan of the business world."

Uncertain Times for McMahon:

Despite White's newfound partnership with McMahon, signs point to a short-lived role for McMahon at TKO. Regulatory concerns surround his position as Executive Chairman of the $21.4 billion company. Reports indicate Triple H's expanded creative control at WWE, diminishing McMahon's role.

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