From Jumanji to Bumblebee:
Best Movies Starring WWE Superstars

WWE Superstars have acted in several films over the years, but which one
are the best?

Check it out in a visually enticing way!

The next level

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has acted in many Hollywood movies. But Jumanji: The Next Level has to be the best one in all aspects!

Credit: YouTube/SkyMovieClips


JOhn Cena

John Cena is not only a 16-time World Champion, but he's also making moves in Hollywood. Cena's Bumblebee is one of his finest performances

Credit: YouTube/TheChrym


Master Z:
The Ip Man legacy

Dave Bautista is a Marvel Superhero and a James Bond villain, but his most impressive performance came Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy


Rocky III

Hulk Hogan rose to superstardom after fighting Rocky as Thunderlips in the third installment of the legendary Rocky film series.

Credit: YouTube/JackBauer137

The Princess Bride

Andre The giant starred in The Princess Bride. His role is a memorable one. He plays a gentle giant in the film, and truly lives up

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The Marine Series

The Miz is another superstar who ventured into acting. However, he hasn't been cast in a big banner film. Either way, his acting in The Marine franchise must be applauded

Credit: YouTube/AEW