From Vince McMahon to Hulk Hogan:
Oldest Wrestlers to Hold the WWE Championship

53 Men have held the prestigous WWE Championship since its inception over five decades ago

today, we check out the oldest WWE Superstars to hold the WWE Championship

Vince mcMahon
54 years

Vince McMahon won the WWF Championship at age 54 after Austin stunned Triple H allowing Vince to pick up the win

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Hulk Hogan
48 years

Hollywood Hulk Hogan won his sixth WWE Championship at age 48. He defeated Triple H at BackLash 2002

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Bob Backlund
45 years

Bob Backlund won his second WWF Championship at the 1994 Survivor Series at age 45! His first title reign came in 1978!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Triple H
46 years

Triple H won his 9th WWE Title (14th overall) at age 46 when he won the 2016 Royal Rumble match entering at #30

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Ric Flair
43 years

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Andre The Giant
41 years

Andre The Giant won his only WWF Championship at 41 years of age. He ended Hulk Hogan iconic 4-year reign!

Credit: YouTube/WWE