Huge WrestleMania Updates:
Best Moments from
WWE Raw (03/15/2021)

This week's monday night raw was an exciting show from top to bottom

Everyone from Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley to Bad Bunny made their presence felt

So, let's check out the best moments from WWE Raw

Drew McIntyre gets a statement victory

Drew McIntyre sent a message to his WrestleMania opponent Bobby Lashley by defeating The Miz with Lashley's own Hurt Lock.

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The New Day become 11-time Tag Team Champions!

The New Day made history as they defeated the Hurt Business to become 11-Time WWE Tag Team Champions

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Shane mcmahon goes old school!

Shane O'Mac outsmarted Braun Strowman and laid him out cold following an elbow drop through the table!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

R-Truth gets his baby back!

R-Truth finally got his baby, the 24/7 Championship back after trading it with Bad Bunny for several limited-edition Stone Cold merchandise

Credit: YouTube/WWE

A slime bath for braun strowman

Shane McMahon humiliated Strowman by pouring green slime all over him and repeatedly called him 'stupid.' 

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Miz hits
a cheap shot on
Bad Bunny!

Just as John Morrison distracted Damian Priest and Bad Bunny, The Miz jumped Bad Bunny with a Guitar!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Asuka unleashes her wrath!

Asuka unleashed her wrath on Shayna Baszler by attempting to break the latter's teeth. Teeth for a teeth is new, isn't it?

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Bobby Lashley
defeats Sheamus

Bobby Lashley defeated Sheamus in an intense battle of behemoths. He, too, delivered a statement to McIntyre with that win

Credit: YouTube/WWE