I Didn’t Like [Ric] Flair”: Dale Earnhardt Jr Opens Up About His Dislike Toward the “Nature Boy” as He Reveals His Favorite Wrestler

NASCAR icon Dale Earnhardt Jr., a two-time Daytona 500 victor and cherished figure in racing, fearlessly shares his views. In retirement, he captivates fans of all ages through his podcast, "The Dale Jr. Download," and NBC commentary. In a recent episode, he surprised fans by revealing his favorite wrestler and teasing the legendary "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

Dale Earnhardt Jr slips in a poke at Ric Flair, sharing his dislike towards the “Nature Boy”

After Darlington's thrilling short track action, Dale Earnhardt Jr. surprised fans by diving into professional wrestling, leaving them astonished. The retired racing legend's candidness took an unexpected turn as he explored this new realm.

 Cody Rhodes joins the conversation, providing wrestling insights

This week, The Dale Jr. Download featured WWE's Cody Rhodes, known for mid-2000s wrestling fame. Cody, Dale Jr., and Mike Davis had a captivating conversation touching on Dusty Rhodes' legacy, Cody's love for racing, and Dale Jr.'s wrestling idols.

Dale Jr. shares his honest thoughts on Ric Flair

Dale Jr. openly shared his childhood dislike for Ric Flair during his NWA days, considering him a talkative bad guy. Despite this, he deeply respects Flair's larger-than-life persona. 

credits: I Never Knew That Youtube

Earnhardt's candidness about legends like Flair maintains his fan appeal in a world often dominated by diplomacy. Fans anticipate surprises and entertainment from him, both on the racetrack and in wrestling, through The Dale Jr. Download.

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