Iconic Moves of
WWE Legend
The Undertaker

The UNdertaker has put down a number of men who stood in his path in the WWE with a variety of moves

today, we check out the most iconic moves of The Undertaker

Old School

The Undertaker softens his opponents' arm with his patent Old School maneuver. This move has been in his arsenal since his debut!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes is a move where Taker gives his opponent no time to react. Plus, he always follows up snake eyes with a big boot!

Credit: YouTube/WWE


The Chokeslam is one of Undertaker's greatest moves. In fact, he's put down a lot of men with just a hellacious chokeslam

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Hell's Gate

The Undertaker added the Hell's Gate submission move in his arsenal. This is one of his most deadly moves of all time!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Last Ride

Credit: YouTube/WWE


The Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver is one of the deadliest moves in wrestling. Opponents Rest in Peace when they get it with a Tombstone

Credit: YouTube/WWE