“It Really Is Tough” – It’s Not Dwayne Johnson, The Undertaker Feels This Top Star Would Be the “Logical” Choice to Dethrone Roman Reigns

The Bloodline faction storyline has emerged as one of the most successful angles, in recent memory. Everyone involved, such as Solo Sikoa, Kevin Owens and even the Usos turned into the big stars through this thrilling storyline. But, none of them benefitted as much as Sami Zayn and the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns during this period. Moreover, fans are wondering who’ll be the man to end The Tribal Chief’s 900+ days streak as the Universal Champion, which is a massive feat. However, the WWE has booked themselves into a corner, with this undefeated streak, according to a man, who’s pretty familiar with streaks.

The Rock was seen as the favorite

Initially, The Rock was seen as the favorite candidate to end The Tribal Chief’s back in January. However, due to his commitments with the XFL and multiple Hollywood projects, Dwayne Johnson couldn’t make the time to do the favor.

The winner of Royal Rumble 2023 emerged

But, since then, Cody Rhodes, the winner of Royal Rumble 2023 emerged as a fan favorite, along with Sami Zayn. But, who will ultimately pin the universal WWE champion down?

The Undertaker gave his two cents

Recently, WWE legend, The Undertaker gave his two cents on this predicament. In a recent BT sports interview, Taker said “um you know I think I think Cody with the momentum that he had I think that would be the logical (choice). and Sammy’s a dark horse.”

The man behind the hat and coat

Mark Callaway, the man behind the hat and coat, also stated that WWE has a sticky situation at their hand and said “It really is tough. They’ve almost booked themselves into a, you know, conundrum here.” 

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