“It Sounded Like Sh*t”: Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals How Vince McMahon Nearly Doomed His Career Six Months Before Rescuing Himself

In WWE, Steve Austin is famous for his ‘drinking beer and delivering impromptu stunners to anyone’ persona. Plus, this character landed him the fame and stardom he possesses today. However, prior to adopting this character, WWE booked him into a completely different persona. When he joined WWF (now WWE), he went by the moniker ‘The Ring Master.’ Speaking on this subject, he recently revealed how the gimmick nearly doomed his career.

Who came up with the idea of his ‘Ringmaster’ gimmick

During the interview, Ric Flair asked him about who came up with the idea of his ‘Ringmaster’ gimmick. Austin revealed the whole idea was the brainchild of Vince McMahon.

Stone Cold was skeptical about the gimmick

He confessed he was skeptical about the gimmick when ‘The Genetic Jackhammer’ pitched it to him.

"It sounded like sh*t"

“And I was thinking, What the f**k is the master of the ring, The Ringmaster?! It sounded like sh*t,” he said.

Austin needed a job, so he adopted the character

“But I got bills to pay. So I was like, sounds like a good idea. What time do you want me to start?” he added.

‘The Ringmaster’ gimmick wasn't successful

‘The Ringmaster’ gimmick couldn’t be as successful as McMahon wanted. Thus, the ‘Stone Cold’ gimmick took birth in its place.

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