John Cena, Edge, and More: WWE Superstars Who Destroyed Opponents with Steel Chair

Steel Chairs are often used as a weapon in WWE. However, there are times when this weapon turns into a Weapon of Mass Destruction in the hands of certain superstars

who are they? Let's find out!

Charlotte Flair Feels The Man's wrath

Becky Lynch hit a Pumphandle Slam on Charlotte Flair on a pile of steel chairs during their Last Woman Standing Match at WWE Evolution

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Edge's Con Chair-to

Edge is famous for the con chair-to. In this move, he places a chair under the opponents' head and smack his head with another one

Credit: YouTube/WWE

RKO on the steel chair!

Randy Orton has hit the RKO Outta nowhere at all places. However, this one time he hit it on Cena right onto the steel chair!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Rey Mysterio's sliding attack

Rey Mysterio used the steel chair as a surfboard at WWE TLC 2018 to slide across the ring, right onto Randy Orton laying at ringside

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Attitude Adjustment with Steel!

John Cena Defeated Wade Barrett of The Nexus after delivering an Attitude Adjustment right onto several steel chairs aligned together

Credit: YouTube/WWE

annihilates Shanky!

Drew McIntyre smacked Jinder Mahal's associate Shanky 34 times on Raw to send a loud and clear message to the 'Modern Day Maharaja'

Credit: YouTube/WWE