John Cena Takes a Dig at Solo Sikoa by Drawing WWE Star Turned AEW Personality Into the Mix

In a recent SmackDown episode, wrestling legend John Cena took a verbal jab at Solo Sikoa, foreshadowing their WWE Crown Jewel 2023 showdown. Cena, famed for both his mic skills and wrestling acumen, compared Sikoa to the wrestling powerhouse Taz, sparked a fiery verbal duel.

John Cena Compares Solo Sikoa to Taz:

In his ongoing feud with The Bloodline, John took a direct shot at Solo Sikoa during an emotional promo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Cena pointed out that Sikoa's family connections, including The Usos and Roman Reigns, were instrumental in his WWE career. Cena's comparison of Sikoa to a "bargain basement Taz" left the audience stunned. 

Cena's Quest to End His Losing Streak:

It's been five years since Cena won a singles match. His recent Fastlane 2023 victory came from a tag team match with LA Knight. With his upcoming appearance at Crown Jewel, John is determined to end this losing streak, facing Sikoa and aiming for his first singles win in years.
What are your thoughts about the ongoing feud in the realm of wrestling?

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